Randall Newberg received a Bachelor of Architecture degree from the University of Minnesota and has been registered in Minnesota since 1991. He has worked at Minnesota architectural firms for 30 years designing residential and small commercial projects incuding over 200 residential remodeling projects both large and small.

Autocad Revit is used to efficiently produce designs in 3 dimensions so that a project can be examined from many points of view. Sufficient time is spent on each project to fully understand the client's needs and fit the design perfectly to project requirements.

Recent continuing study:

Building Science- "How Buildings Work" with Gord Cook and other classes

Duluth Energy and Design Conference- regular attendance

Residental Energy Auditor classes- basic and advanced

Computer drafting: Autocad Revit Advanced, Content Creation, Topology, Renovations and Additions, and Green Building Studio


612 721-7758