We believe that no project is too small to benefit from good design. Sometimes a couple hours of design and a small construction project can greatly improve the function of a space.


This deck and steps with cedar arch forms a welcoming presence facing the street and visibly leads visitors to the new front door located on the side of this home. Now that it is no longer required to serve as the entry the modest sized Living Room works well.

BEFORE- The old front door, while visable, opened directly into a small Lliving Room with all traffic moving diagonally across the room leaving little functional space.


This cedar trellis forms a privacy screen between the owner’s screen porch and a neighbors’ house. Clematis vines and other plants will soften its appearance. Details are designed both for aesthetics and longevity.


TRELLIS DETAILS- Tops of all horizontal members are sloped, posts have copper caps, lattice is thicker than standard and set into groves in the posts and rails.


The challenge of this project was to make a 510 square foot house work for 2 people with a limited budget. The answer was to make full use of the basement. The tiny main floor bath remains and a new bath with a spacious shower and the owner's free-standing sauna will be built in the former coal bin. The laundry and boiler are relocated to a closet on the north wall to leave the main area of the basement as open living space. A window well with terraced planting areas and large windows admit south sunlight into the space.